Nasgas Instant Gas Geyser DG-99 (Gold)



Introducing the Nasgas Instant Gas Geyser DG-99 (Gold), your perfect solution for instant hot water. With the Nasgas Instant Gas Geyser, you can enjoy a continuous hot water supply in no time. This elegant geyser is made to suit your demands while also enhancing the ambiance of your room. 

Operating on gas ensures quick and efficient water heating, saving you time and energy. The Nasgas Instant Gas Geyser DG-99 (Gold) features advanced safety mechanisms, including flame failure protection and overheating protection, ensuring your peace of mind.

Upgrade your water heating system with this high-quality instant gas geyser and experience the convenience of instant hot water at your fingertips. Choose Nasgas for reliability, efficiency, and endless comfort.

Nasgas Instant Gas Geyser DG-99 (Gold) Specification

  • Brand:  Nasgas

  • Model:  DG-99 (Gold)

  • Product Type:  Instant Gas Geyser

  • Heat Exchanger:  Heavy Copper Designed Heat Exchanger

  • Protection Device:  Auto Cut-Off Protection Device

  • Ignition:  Later Pressure Controlled Automatic Ignition

  • Water Pressure:  Low Water Pressure Startup Function

  • Freezing Protection:  Anti Freezing Protection, Summer & Winter Switch

  • Energy Efficient:  Yes

  • Energy Saving:  Upto 40%

  • Body:  Compact Body Size with Prime Rust Free Material

  • Temperature:  Digital Temperature Display & Shower

  • Heating Capacity:  09L

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