Kenwood Refrigerator KRF-24457 GD Gng New Persona Plus (320-L)



Introducing the Kenwood Refrigerator KRF-24457 GD Gng New Persona Plus - a spacious and feature-packed fridge redefining your kitchen's cooling excellence. This Kenwood refrigerator boasts a generous capacity of 320 liters, providing ample space to conveniently store all your groceries and beverages. 

The New Persona Plus design exudes elegance and modernity, making it a standout addition to any home. With its advanced cooling technology, this refrigerator ensures your food remains fresh and preserved for longer. 

Say goodbye to food wastage and embrace organized freshness with the Kenwood KRF-24457 GD Gng New Persona Plus Refrigerator. Elevate your kitchen experience with this perfect style, performance, and convenience combination.

Kenwood Refrigerator KRF-24457 GD Gng New Persona Plus (320-L) Specifications:

  • Brand:                                         Kenwood
  • Model:                                        KRF-24457 GD Gng (320-L)
  • Series:                                         New Persona Plus Series
  • Energy Consumption:               Upto 35% Energy Saving
  • Compressor Technology:          SECOP (German Technology super quite compressor)
  • Vegetable Tray:                         Vegetable Tray with upto 10 Kg dry vegetable storage
  • Voltage:                                     Low Voltage startup 170V
  • Compressor Drain Tray:          Easily removable / washable compressor drain tray
  • PCM Sheet:                              Embossed PCM Sheet for Cabinet
  • LED Light:                                Interior dual LED Light 
  • Gasket:                                    Anti-Fungal Detachable Gasket
  • Medicine box:                          Yes
  • Cooling Bank:                          Yes
  • Carbon Filter:                          Yes
  • Coiling:                                    Copper Coilng Anti Bacteria
  • Refrigerant / Gas Type:          R600A
  • Capacity Volume of Ref & Freezer:      True Capacity Volume of Refrigerator & Freezer
  • Compressor Warranty:            10 Years

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