Kenwood Refrigerator KRF-23357 GD New Mrg Persona Plus (280-L)



  • Brand:                                         Kenwood
  • Model:                                        KRF-23357 GD Mrg (280-L)
  • Series:                                         New Persona Plus Series
  • Energy Consumption:               Upto 35% Energy Saving
  •  Compressor:                             SECOP (German Technology super quite Compressor)
  • Vegetable Tray:                         Vegetable Tray with upto 10Kg dry vegetable storage)
  • Voltage:                                     Can operate at voltage as low as 170V without tripping
  • Drain tray:                                 Easily removable / washable compressor drain tray
  • PCM Sheet:                               Embossed PCM Sheet for Cabinets
  • LED Light:                                  Interior dual LED Light
  • Gasket:                                      Anti-Fungal Detachable Gasket
  • Refrigerant / Gas Type:             R600A
  • Capacity Volume of Ref & Freezer:       True Capacity Volume of Refrigerator & Freezer
  • Compressor Warranty:               10 Years

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