Kenwood Refrigerator Krf-Invertech-25557/400-L (GD) MRG



Discover the ultimate cooling companion for your kitchen – the Kenwood Refrigerator Krf-Invertech-25557/400-L (GD) MRG. As a top-of-the-line "Fridge" from the renowned brand, Kenwood Refrigerator Kenwood delivers both style and performance.

With a generous capacity of 400 liters, this refrigerator offers ample space to store all your groceries and beverages, ensuring they stay fresh and delicious. The advanced Invertech technology guarantees energy efficiency, helping you reduce electricity consumption.

Designed with elegance in mind, this refrigerator features a sleek and modern design that complements any kitchen decor. Its smart organization system, including adjustable shelves, provides convenient storage for your food items.

Upgrade your kitchen with the Kenwood Refrigerator Krf-Invertech-25557/400-L (GD) MRG – the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality for a delightful cooling experience.

Kenwood Refrigerator Krf-Invertech-25557/400-L (GD) MRG Specifications:

  • Brand:  Kenwood
  • Model:  Krf-Invertech-25557/400-L (GD) MRG
  • Energy Saving:  Upto 60% Energy Saving
  • Voltage:  Low Voltage Startup to 110V
  • Ultra-Violet Light:  Make your Food Fresh
  • LED Light:  Refrigerator & Freezer
  • Insulation:  Insulation Thickness upto 75mm
  • Dry Vegetable Tray:  Yes
  • Antifungal Detachable Gasket:  Yes
  • Medical Box:  Yes
  • Cooling Bank:  Yes
  • Carbon Filter:  Yes
  • Copper Coiling (Anti Due Tube):  Yes
  • Refrigerant Gas:  R600A

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