Hisense LED TV 32" A4G



Introducing the Hisense LED TV 32" A4G - an outstanding LED TV that combines impressive performance with an affordable price. Immerse yourself in captivating visuals and vibrant colours on the 32-inch LED screen, elevating your favourite shows, movies, and games to a new level of enjoyment. 

The Hisense LED TV technology ensures energy efficiency, delivering remarkable picture quality while mindful of power consumption. This LED TV seamlessly complements any living space with user-friendly features and a sleek design. 

Whether you're a movie buff or a gaming enthusiast, the Hisense LED TV 32" A4G guarantees an unbeatable entertainment experience without straining your budget. Elevate your home entertainment with Hisense LED TV and enjoy a top-notch performance at a wallet-friendly price.

Hisense LED TV 32" A4G Specifications:

  • Brand:  Hisense
  • Model:  A4G
  • Screen Size:  32"
  • Panel Type:  HD-Ready
  • Resolution:  1366x768
  • Power Consumption:  50W
  • HDMI:  02
  • USB:  02 (2.0)
  • Android:  Yes
  • Processor:  Quad Core
  • ROM:  1GB
  • RAM:  8GB
  • Refresh Rate:  60Hz
  • Digital Out:  Yes

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