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Dawlance Automatic Washing Machine DWT-1775 PL

Dawlance Automatic Washing Machine DWT-1775 PL

The Dawlance Automatic Washing Machine DWT-1775 PL price in Pakistan is Rs.133,000.00, updated on May 19, 2024.

Rs.139,500.00 Rs.133,000.00 SAVE 5%
Vendor: Dawlance
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Introducing the Dawlance Automatic Washing Machine DWT-1775 PL, your laundry's new best friend. This top-load washing machine by Dawlance combines efficiency and convenience, making laundry a breeze.

With its advanced features and intelligent technology, the DWT-1775 PL ensures a thorough and gentle wash for your clothes, preserving their quality and freshness. Its user-friendly interface allows you to customize wash cycles effortlessly, catering to your preferences.

Upgrade your laundry routine with this high-quality Dawlance Automatic Washing Machine, offering excellent value for its price. Say goodbye to manual washing and embrace the ease of modern technology.

Experience the future of laundry with the Dawlance DWT-1775 PL. Elevate your home with this reliable and efficient appliance. Don't wait any longer - get yours now and enjoy clean and fresh laundry every time!

Dawlance Automatic Washing Machine DWT-1775 PL Specifications:

  • Brand:                                          Dawlance
  • Model:                                         DWT-1775 PL
  • Voltage:                                       220 V
  • Frequency:                                   50 Hz
  • Width:                                          66.5 cm
  • Depth:                                          69.5 cm
  • Height:                                         106 cm
  • Weight:                                        51 kg
  • EZ wash (One Touch):                 Yes
  • Air Dryer:                                     Yes
  • Child Lock:                                   Yes
  • Buzzer:                                         Yes
  • Function 1:                                  Energy Saver
  • Function 2:                                  Soaking
  • Function 3:                                  Low Noise
  • Water Inlet:                                 Single
  • Programs:                                   10
  • Program 1:                                Normal Fuzzy
  • Program 2:                                Air Dry
  • Program 3:                                Heavy Fuzzy
  • Program 4:                                Soft
  • Program 5:                                Eco
  • Program 6:                                Fast
  • Program 7:                                Wool
  • Program 8:                                Child
  • Program 9:                                Foam Clean
  • Program 10:                              Tub Clean
  • Color:                                         Platinum
  • Drum pattern:                           Diamond
  • LED Display Color:                    Green
  • Motor Type:                               Induction
  • Water Fall Technology:            Triple Water Fall Technology
  • Motor Warranty:                      10 Years
  • PCB Kit Warranty:                     3 Years

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