Gaba National Air Fryer

Gaba National Air Fryer GN-5522

Gaba National Air Fryer GN-5522

Introducing the Gaba National Air Fryer GN-5522, your kitchen companion for healthier and tastier cooking! Featuring advanced "Air Fryer Gaba National" technology, this appliance lets you relish your favourite dishes...

Top-Quality Gabba National Air Fryer In Pakistan 2024

An air fryer works like a small oven, using hot air to cook food until it's crispy. It's a healthier option compared to deep frying and can cook various foods quickly. It is easy to clean and doesn't need much oil, making it great for everyday cooking.

Gabba National Air Fryer 

Gabba National's air fryer is a kitchen gem, bringing crispy goodness to your meals without the guilt. It is like having a mini chef in your kitchen, cooking up delicious treats with hot air instead of oil. It's a must-have for healthier cooking at home.
Now let’s discuss its features:

Easy to Clean: It is designed so that you can clean it without much effort.

Over Heat Protection: It prevents it from getting too hot, which helps avoid accidents or damage.

Detachable Inner Pot and Basket: The pot and basket inside the device can be removed, making them easier to clean and handle.

Auto Switch Off While Taking Off the Basket: It will automatically turn off when you remove the basket, which is a safety feature.

With the Storage Power Cord in the Bottom: There is a space at the bottom of the device to neatly store the power cord when it's not in use.

Full Flavor with Less or No Oil: The device can cook food with little or no oil, making meals healthier while still tasting good.

 Models Price 
Gabba National Air Fryer GN-5522 Rs. 32,000 
Gabba National Air Fryer GR-3521  Rs. 15,300 

Gabba National Air Fryer At Japan Electronics

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