Whirlpool Split AC 1.5 Ton Inverter SPIW418DX White



Brand Whirpool
Model SPIW418DX
AC Type Split AC
6th Sense Intelli Comfort Technology:
Senses humidity and adjusts the 3D cool inverter compressor for optimal cooling in varying levels of humidity while saving energy.
Climate Control:
It allows you to set the climate of your choice inside your home at the touch of button.
MPFI Technology:
The advanced MPFI Technology uses a unique circuit design for a rapid heat exchange, resulting in enhanced cooling capacity and power saving.
Around u Function:
Around U Function makes you feel more comfortable because a temperature sensor is inside the remote control
3D Cool Technology:
3D vents remove hot air out of the room faster while circulating more cold air inside
Dual Power Saving:
Dual Power Savings as compared to regular modeL
Rust Free:
Gold fin condenser & evaporator
100% Copper:
Evaporator condensers, Installation kit & wires

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