Waves Deep Freezer WDF-318/2200 Regular Series



Introducing the Waves Deep Freezer WDF-318/2200 Regular Series - your ultimate freezing companion! This top-of-the-line freezer by Waves is designed to cater to all your freezing needs. Its spacious capacity and advanced cooling technology ensure your food stays fresh and frozen for extended periods.

The Waves Deep Freezer WDF-318/2200 Regular Series combines convenience and durability, making it a reliable addition to your home. From frozen meals to ice creams, it accommodates all with ease.

Trust in Waves' renowned quality, and explore Pakistan's best Waves freezer prices. Upgrade your freezing experience with the Waves Freezer WDF-318/2200 Regular Series. Don't miss out on this fantastic appliance - order now and enjoy hassle-free preservation of your favourite foods. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of freezing with Waves!

Waves Deep Freezer WDF-318/2200 Regular Series Specifications:

  • Brand:  Waves


  • Model Number:  WDF-318/2200


  • Size:  18 Cubic Feet


    • Capacity:  Large Size


    • Series:  Regular Series


    • Fast Cooling:  Yes


    • Type:  Double Door


    • Rust Free:  Rust Free Embo Sheet


    • Copper Coil:  Yes


    • Refrigerant:  R134A


    • Strong Hinges:  Yes


    • Insultion:  Thick Insultion


    • Freezing Point:  -18 Deep Freezing


    • Backup System:  Eutectic Backup System



      • Compressor Warranty:  3 Years


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