Super Asia Room Air Cooler Cool Star ECM-5000



Stay cool and comfortable with the Super Asia Room Air Cooler Cool Star ECM-5000. This powerful room air cooler is designed to provide efficient cooling for medium to large spaces, making it the perfect addition to your home or office. Its sleek and modern design blends seamlessly with any room decor, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

The Super Asia Room Air Cooler, Cool Star ECM-5000, comes with user-friendly controls, allowing you to adjust the cooling settings according to your preferences easily. This room air cooler's durable construction and reliable performance ensure long-lasting cooling comfort. Beat the heat and create a refreshing indoor environment with the Super Asia Room Air Cooler Cool Star ECM-5000, your go-to solution for a cooler and more enjoyable atmosphere.

Super Asia Room Air Cooler Cool Star ECM-5000 Specifications:

  • Brand:  Super Asia
  • Model:  Cool Star ECM-5000
  • Water Tank Capacity:  60 ltr
  • Net Weight:  33 kg
  • Gross Weight:  37 kg
  • Powerful Air Throw:  Designed for performance with powerful airflow & cooling efficiency
  • Energy Efficient:  Powerful & energy-efficient motor
  • Cooling Pads:  High Efficiency Anti Bacterial Three Sides Honeycomb Evaporative Pad for Optimum Cooling
  • Air Throw:  Powerful Air Throw with Auto Swing for Uniform Cooling in the Room
  • Fan Based Cooling for Efficient Circulation of Air:  Yes
  • Remembers & Restores Previous Setting:  Yes
  • Fan Speed:  2 Speed Fan Control to Adjust Air Flow According to the Requirement
  • Body:  Shock & Rust Proof Plastic Body
  • Water Tank:  Large Water Tank Capacity for Longer Cooling
  • Water Supply:  Maintain Continuous Water Supply System with Float Valve
  • Low Maintenance & Long Lasting Life:  Yes
  • Wheels:  Strong Wheels with 4 Way Movement for Convenient
  • Easy Mobility:  Yes
  • Product Dimension:  810x630x1140
  • Motor Warranty:  1 Year

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