Super Asia Electric & Gas Geyser 55 Gallon (GEH-755) AI



Introducing the Super Asia Electric & Gas Geyser 55 Gallon (GEH-755) AI, a versatile and efficient home appliance designed to meet your hot water needs. This advanced geyser is equipped with dual gas and electric functionality, allowing you to choose between two energy sources for heating water. 

Whether you prefer electricity's convenience or gas's cost-effectiveness, this geyser has got you covered. With its generous 55-gallon capacity, it ensures an ample supply of hot water for your entire household. 

The GEH-755 AI combines cutting-edge technology with reliable performance, making it an ideal choice for modern homes seeking an energy-efficient and convenient solution for their hot water requirements.

Super Asia Electric & Gas Geyser 55 Gallon (GEH-755) AI Specifications:

  • Brand:  Super Asia
  • Model:  GEH-755
  • Auto Ignition:  Yes
  • Gallon:  55 Gallons
  • Energy Saving Through the Imported Thermostat:  Yes
  • Pipe:  Long Lasting Durability due to IIL Brand GI Pipe
  • Leakage Proof Due to X-Ray Welding:  Yes
  • Rust Proof Water Tank Made of Imported Galvanized Sheet:  Yes
  • Red Oxide Coating for Enhanced:  Yes

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