Nasgas Gas Geyser 35 Gallon (DG-35) S/DLX Auto



Introducing the Nasgas Gas Geyser 35 Gallon (DG-35) S/DLX Auto, the perfect solution for your hot water needs. This gas geyser is designed to provide reliable and efficient natural gas heating. With its 35-gallon capacity, it ensures an ample supply of hot water for your daily requirements. 

The DG-35 S/DLX Auto from Nasgas combines advanced automation with superior performance, allowing for hassle-free operation and consistent heating. Experience the convenience and reliability of this gas geyser, designed to meet the demands of modern households seeking an energy-efficient and cost-effective hot water solution. 

Trust Nasgas to deliver quality and performance with their range of gas geysers, ensuring a comfortable and convenient hot water experience for your home.

Nasgas Gas Geyser 35 Gallon (DG-35) S/DLX Auto Specifications:

  • Brand:  Nasgas
  • Model:  DG-35 S/DLX Executive Auto
  • Water Tank:  Dip Galvanized Prime Heavy Gauge Water Tank
  • Pipe:  IIL GI Transmission Pipe
  • Body:  Pre Painted Prime Out Body with UV Resistant Paint
  • Insulation Density:  Prime Kimmco Insulation density 12kg/m3
  • Valve:  QC Approved Brass Safety Valve
  • Burner:  Grey Iron Casted Thermal Efficient Burner
  • Tank Capacity:  35 Gallon

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