Kenwood Refrigerator Krf-280 GD (Brg)



Turbo Fan: This unique feature keeps your refrigerator fresh and free from unpleasant smells
Compressor: SECOP (German technology super quiet compressor)
Refrigerant gas: R600a
LVS: Can operate at voltage as low as 170V without tripping
Vegetable tray with upto 10kg dry vegetable storage
Easily removable/washable compressor drain tray
True capacity volume of refrigerator and freezer
Embossed PCM sheet for cabinets
Interior dual LED light
Anti-fungal detachable gasket
Upto 35% energy saving
Aluminum handles
High speed fan feature keeps your food cool all day long 20% Higher Speed
A unique LUMI Fresh technology that uses light to keep your vegetables always fresh
Designed with material that keeps your food safe and protected
99.9% Purest Copper Inside Condenser improves refrigeration process and its life
An advanced feature that makes ice instantly in just 25 minutes

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