Canon Semi Instant Electric Geyser 40LY



Introducing the high-quality Canon Semi Instant Electric Geyser, perfect for those who value quick and efficient hot water supply. This geyser model boasts a 40L capacity, providing ample hot water for small to medium-sized households.

The Canon Instant Electric Geyser is an excellent choice for its durability and efficiency. Its heating elements are made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring longevity. Its automatic temperature control system maintains the desired water temperature, decreasing energy waste and costs. 

This Canon electric geyser is easy to install and compact in design, perfect for limited storage space. It can fit easily into any small bathroom, utility room, or even kitchen cupboard. So whether it's an early morning shower or after a long day at work, the Canon Electric Geyser has you covered.

Canon Semi Instant Electric Geyser 40LY Specification:

  • Brand:  Canon
  • Model:  40LY
  • Product Type:  Semi Instant Electric Geyser
  • Voltage:  220-240V
  • Power Consumption:  2000W
  • Current:  9.1A
  • Capacity:  40L
  • Body:  Metal Body Tank
  • Thermostat:  Adjustable Thermostat
  • Protection:  ELCB Double Protection
  • Valve:  Safety Valve
  • Temperature Indicator:  Yes

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