Canon Kitchen Hood CKU-7700



Canon Kitchen Hood Specification:

The Canon Kitchen Hood CKU-7700 is a high-performance and stylish kitchen ventilation solution designed to enhance your cooking experience. With its sleek and modern design, this kitchen hood complements your kitchen's aesthetics and effectively removes smoke, odours, and grease, ensuring a clean and odour-free cooking environment.

  • Brand:                                     Canon
  • Model:                                    CKU-7700
  • Size:                                        880/710mm
  • Speed Control:                      03 Speed Control
  • Panel:                                     Touch panel with Display
  • Sensor:                                   Motion Sensor
  • Filter:                                      Boat Filter with Long S.S Oil Cup
  • Lights:                                    2 LED Lights              
  • Chimney:                                Black Coated Chimney with Square Neck

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