Best guide for Buying Inverter AC

Due to the sweltering summer and rising temperature every year, purchasing an inverter AC in Pakistan has become a necessity than a luxury.


These air conditioners / appliances cool a room faster than the normal ones, employ less energy, and have high compressor efficiency. Most importantly, when you use an inverter AC, this also helps reduce your electricity bills.

If you are making a plan to buying a new inverter air conditioner, and you are having no idea about it, then do not worry. We have added a comprehensive list for purchasing a quality inverter ACs in Pakistan for your house, office etc. But, before we discuss anything about inverter ACs, let us define you what makes them different from normal ACs and why you should consider purchasing them in first place.

Inverter AC versus normal AC:

When you install an inverter AC, this helps you beat the heat without increasing your electricity bill.

The major difference between an inverter and non-inverter air conditioner is the compressor efficiency.

The compressor of a non-inverter air conditioner only has two modes that are ON mode and OFF mode. This operates at a fixed speed for reaching the desired room temperature, and it shuts off then. Once the temperature starts to rise and the room starts to become warm, the appliance restarts and initiates to run at a fixed speed again.

On the other hand, the compressor of inverter ACs operates at a variable speed. This means that instead of being shut down after reaching the desired room temperature, the compressor continues to run at a slow speed. When the temperature of the room increases by even a single degree, the compressor increases its speed for making the room cool once again.

Then, as compared to normal ACs, the ones having inverter technology are more energy efficient. The compressor motors of normal ACs need a large amount of energy to restart; whereas, the compressor of inverter ACs adjusts the power use as needed by automating the cooling process. This process has a significant effect on your electricity bill.

How to pick a suitable inverter AC for your home:

You must choose the right capacity before purchasing an inverter AC.

When the matter is about purchasing an inverter AC for your home, you should choose the right capacity for your appliance, or tonnage is more important than you might realize.

Now, contrary to a famous opinion, air conditioning tonnage has nothing to do with the weight of the appliance. Instead, the term, ‘ton’, is employed to describe how much heat an air conditioner could remove from a room within an hour.

Based on the capacity of an inverter AC, there are generally three kinds of a wall-mounted split inverter ACs that are available for houses in Pakistan:

  1. One-ton inverter AC
  2. One-and-a-half-ton inverter AC
  3. Two-ton inverter AC

Well, when you’re buying an inverter AC for your room, you need to consider its size.

You might want to add an extra 0.5-ton inverter AC if you reside in an area where the temperatures soar past 40 degree centigrade each summer.

Purchasing an inverter AC having some high capacity won’t only cost you more upfront but also increase your electricity bills. In the same way, if you install a one-ton AC within a big room, the compressor would have to work hard for keeping the space cool that would ultimately result in high bills at the end of the month.

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