Difference between Instant Geysers and Storage Geysers [Complete Guide]

Difference between Instant Geysers and Storage Geysers [Complete Guide]

Geysers are essential for gaining hot water during winter, so you must be very picky when you know that you can't stay active and relaxed without a high-standard geyser. Product quality matters a lot, but you can't select anything except a high-quality item when the matter is of a daily-use product.


Besides, when you have to choose one geyser, either an instant geyser or a storage geyser, you feel for sure that the task is complex. And there are different significant factors for your final decision, such as the purpose of:


  1.  Hot water.  
  2.  Geyser price. 
  3.  Water heating cost. 
  4.  Space availability.  


Below is a comprehensive guide. We're sharing all the details.


Instant Geysers:

These are perfect solutions for you as these don't have any storage or water tank. Therefore, there is no opportunity for extra heating water or wasting hot water. You have to switch such appliances on before using them, and you might switch them off without difficulty after their usage. Plus, the use of electricity per unit is less in their case, even though exceptionally high wattage is applied for their operation.


It consists of two types:


1- Instant Electric geyser. [Fully electric / Semi electric] 

2- Instant gas geyser. [LPG / Natural gas]


Instant electric geyser comes in two variants. Fully electricity works only with electricity whereas Semi Electric works with electricity and gas.


Instant Gas geyser also has its specified variants. One of them only works with LPG and the other works with Natural gas. We can't use the wrong gas as it is dangerous.


Pros and Cons of Instant Geysers:


  • For a household with limited space for a water heater, instant geysers can be a good option. They are compact and don't require much space. 


  • They only have one outlet available that will connect to a designated tap. This makes it convenient for a household with one bathroom/kitchen.


  • The instant geyser has 3000/4500W high-quality copper heating element material, ensuring quick water heating in minutes. The benefit of having instant water heaters is that you do not have to wait as they have neon indicators that let you know when hot water is ready.


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Storage Geysers:

These are famous for their giant tank and are a perfect solution for large families. A storage water geyser sores warm water for later use. It has a storage tank of different capacities and helps the user save water for future use. It uses heating elements controlled by a thermostat to raise the temperature of the stored water in the tank.


These types of geysers consist of 3 types:

  1. Storage gas geysers.
  2. Storage electric geyser.
  3. Hybrid storage geyser. 


A storage gas geyser only works with a gas source


Storage Electric Geyser only works with electricity


A Hybrid storage geyser works with both (gas and electricity); these are the perfect options if you are planning to buy storage geysers and have both sources available. 



Pros and Cons of Storage Geysers:


  • For large families, storage water heaters are a suitable choice. They store hot water, which can be used later by other family members. Storage capacity starts from 25 gallons to 50 gallons.


  • These water heaters can provide hot water for an entire household with multiple bathrooms. You can use hot water from one storage water heater simultaneously in different outlets.


  • In the case of a storage water heater, you have to wait up to 10 minutes for the water to heat up. The water in the tank flows through an inlet pipe heated with the help of 2000W copper for superior performance.


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Whether you're seeking an instant water geyser/heater or a storage water geyser/heater, 

The below comparison might help you find out which geyser best fits your home.



Storage Geysers

Instant Geysers


Big in size and can store up to 300 liters of water.


Able to provide hot water to multiple points at home

 Compact, small, and take up little space.

Convenient for a household with limited space


Water Pressure


Consistent hot water supply.


Central pressure systems for an enhanced shower experience.

 Flow restrictors for instantaneous water heating.


Efficiently provide you with the required temperature.

Time to heat 

Require more extended periods to heat water.


Come with insulation tanks to keep water warm for more extended periods

Heat water instantly


Costly to install due to sizing and piping requirements

Cheaper Installation costs.


Consume electrical energy only when showering, resulting in overall lower operating cost.





Buy Storage Geyser

Buy Instant Geysers




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